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Nathaniel Hawthorne

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  Nathaniel Hawthorne’s writings are inseparable from the geographical and cultural backdrop of the New England landscape. Both are deeply rooted in the traditions and morality of its Puritan inhabitants. Hawthorne was particularly masterful at conveying his moralistic messages through metaphoric images in his writing. For Hawthorne, his personal and literary journey toward moral decency was never easy. It was fraught with unhappiness, and the sins of his forefathers weighed heavily upon him. In his preface to The House of the Seven Gables (1850), Hawthorne commented on how successive generations are destined to carry the burden of their forefathers’ mistakes, whether through curses by witches or by violations of stringent moral codes: "Many writers lay very great stress upon some definite moral purpose, at which they profess to aim their works. Not to be deficient in this particular, the author has provided himself with a moral,-- the truth, namely, that the wrongdoing of one generation lives into the successive ones" (xiv).

  Most of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s most famous novels and short stories are representative of the problems most writers of his era had with Christianity and Calvinism. Hawthorne, ever a product of his New England puritanical upbringing, shrewdly noticed that the distinction between good and evil was regarded as so stark that there was no room for compromise, or middle-of-the-road approach. The more than fifty essays featured on this site can help today's students put Hawthorne’s nineteenth-century Puritan New England into a twenty-first century perspective.  By downloading one of our many essays on the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, students can probe beyond the gothic motif of ghosts and witches to reveal the contemporary themes of love, adultery, morality and social alienation.  Many of our essays are simple: Reviewing any of Hawthorne's stories & their inherent themes. Others are more complex, thesis-based arguments-- citing secondary critical sources in the MLA style. Our list of abstracts generally dictates the particulars of any given essay and free, full page excerpts from any of our papers are available upon request! Just write us an email, let us know which of our essay(s) interests you...and what questions you have on your mind!!! HawthorneStudies.Com looks forward to assisting you!

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Nathaniel Hawthorne
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